Charlie Blackmon: Your Red Carpet BFF at the ASG

Charlie Blackmon, nicknamed “Chuck Nazty,” is the Colorado Rockies’ center fielder who always brings his A-game. Making his MLB debut way back in 2011, he has come a long way in making himself a down-to-Earth icon in American baseball. 

When it comes to the All-Star Game Red Carpet, Blackmon makes no exceptions to being true to himself. He started a tradition where, if he’s at the All-Star Game, he wears an “America” shirt. No glitz and glam for this American body (his words, not ours!), just the good ole red, white and blue.

Blackmon’s first All-Star Game appearance was in 2017, where he wore this gem:

Charlie Blackmon 2017 All-Star Game

And in his own words, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Mr. Nazty wore this one to the All-Star Red Carpet in 2018:

Charlie Blackmon 2018 All-Star Game

Charlie Blackmon reports that he is not a superstitious baseball player, but after he reported to Spring Training way back in 2014 with this glorious beard, he hasn’t cut it since. With the same if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it mentality, he continues his tradition of wearing an American shirt through all of his three current appearances at the All-Star Game. Here is his out for the 2019 game:

Chuck Nazty 2019 All-Star Game
(Photo by Charles LeClaire – USA today Sports)

Blackmon lives his life with a happy-go-lucky vibe but works hard at what he does. He takes his career seriously but never lets it define him. In an interview with The 700 Club in 2017, he said, “Baseball is something that I spend a lot of time doing, but you can’t turn baseball into an idol.”

No matter the pressure, or the expectation, you can believe that Charlie will be himself. He’ll wear a loud American shirt to the Red Carpet, he’ll make hilarious videos, and he’ll keep being who he believes he needs to be. 

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