Sunflower Seeds Partnership!

It’s no secret, we love sunflower seeds around here. You can even go back to Episode 80, where we taste-tested 14 different flavors. Well, we’ve finally completed our quest and found the best seeds on the market in Chinook Seedery. We believe that Chinook Seedery really does make the best seeds ever, and not just because it says so on the package. Brig loves the Parmesan & Pepper (a favorite among Baseball Together Podcast listeners). Brad is all about the Hatch Chile seeds. You can find out for yourself by getting a sampler pack. (Be sure to use “BTPOD” at checkout to save 10% on your order!)

If you’re looking for a unique flavor of sunflower seeds to try, Chinook Seedery has some for you. Not only do we love Parmesan & Pepper and Hatch Chile, but we know you’ll also love Jalapeño Ranch, Smokehouse BBQ, and Dill Pickle sunflower seeds. If you’re one for Original seeds, Chinook’s OG flavor is lightly salted with an amazing roasted flavor.

We’ve found that each Chinook sunflower seed flavor brings something different we haven’t gotten from other brands. Parmesan & Pepper is a savory seed that is different from anything we’ve ever tried. If you like Hatch green chiles, the Hatch Chile seeds are right up your alley. They come with the subtle sweetness that makes Hatch green chiles popular with a hint of spice that’s not overpowering. Smokehouse BBQ brings it with an initial brown sugar sweetness, then a little bit of spice. Believe it or not, these seeds ACTUALLY taste like BBQ flavoring. Chinook Seedery’s take on Dill Pickle is beyond that of any other brand as it incorporates a roasted flavor that makes the seeds taste like delicious fried pickles. It doesn’t matter if you’re a ranch dressing lover, you’ll love the combination of jalapeños and ranch seasoning with Jalapeño Ranch sunflower seeds.

Head on over to Chinook Seedery to find your favorite flavor. Not only will you get the best seeds ever, but you can also save 10% on your order by using code “BTPOD” at checkout. You’ll be getting the best seeds ever while supporting the show!

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