Podcast Episode Fifty-Eight: Best MLB Logo

Thanks for downloading this week’s episode of the Baseball Together Podcast, baseball family. This week, Brig and Brad gave a quick rundown of MLB current events that included COVID-19 test results for MLB players and staff (1:07), more players opting out of the season (4:32), and quarantine rules for the Toronto Blue Jays (10:07). They gave another weekly KBO update that included an interesting fact about LG and the LG Twins (15:11), then they wrapped things up as Jason joined the guys again to discuss the results of the latest tournament on the 9+Us VIP Group on Facebook to choose the best MLB logo (32:10).

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Brad Curnow

Brad has had a passion for baseball since he could walk up to a batting tee. He learned how to throw a 2-seam fastball before he could write his own name. He grew up in the sport as a catcher with great coaches who taught him to love and respect the game and the team. Brad joins Baseball Together with a love for baseball and a passion to share it with others.

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