Podcast Episode Forty-Eight: Fantasy Pitching

Thank you for checking out this week’s episode of the Baseball Together Podcast, baseball family! Brig and Brad were able to dig up a bunch of stories to cover this week. It sounds like Manny wants to be Manny in Taiwan. Manny Ramirez appears to be headed to Asia to continue playing baseball (1:44). Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez seem to be throwing their names in the hat as serious contenders to buy the New York Mets. They’ve started assembling an investment group and have a billionaire to fit the majority of the bill (4:41). Rob Manfred and MLB are discussing divisional realignment and teams finishing spring training at their home parks. Brig and Brad try to decide if this is an actual plan or just another “idea” (8:01). Finally, they share the unfortunate news that Trey Mancini of the Baltimore Orioles has stage 3 colon cancer (14:15) and the Little League World Series will be canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic (15:57). 

Before the guys shared their games of the week, Brig brought back another memorabilia item that Brad has a particular interest in (18:37). Then Brad recounts his game of the week in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series between the Oakland A’s and LA Dodgers. Brig’s game of the week was Game 6 of the 2009 World Series with the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees (24:05). The guys close out the episode by selecting their fantasy pitching rotations (41:14).

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Brad Curnow

Brad has had a passion for baseball since he could walk up to a batting tee. He learned how to throw a 2-seam fastball before he could write his own name. He grew up in the sport as a catcher with great coaches who taught him to love and respect the game and the team. Brad joins Baseball Together with a love for baseball and a passion to share it with others.

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