seed sack partnership

On the Baseball Together Podcast, we love to talk about ballpark food (check out Episode 27 for more on that). Part of that love includes sunflower seeds. In fact, sunflower seeds are as much of a part of baseball and softball as peanuts and Cracker Jacks, but sometimes it can be messy to keep seeds in your pocket or even the package that they come in. That's why we chose to partner with Seed Sack.

The Seed Sack is a great way to hold your seeds without carrying around the original package, a baggy, or just throwing them in your pocket. The canvas sack is durable and seals automatically with a metal squeeze clasp. For a little more, you can upgrade from canvas to a leather Seed Sack. Keep your sunflower seeds fresh and handy in the stands or on the field with your Seed Sack.

One of the things that we love about Seed Sack is the variety of options they provide for your sack. Choose from the classic Seed Sack branded original design, or customize it to let everyone know whose sack it is. Put your name and number on it, give the gift of Seed Sack to your team with a custom logo, or include a special message for any member of your baseball family.

Shop baseball's original or softball's original Seed Sack. Click the banner at the top of this page, or follow this link to shop for the baseball lover in your life.