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Around here, we love sunflower seeds. That’s why we found the best sunflower seeds ever and partnered with Chinook Seedery. You can get 10% off your order by heading over to and using code “BTPOD” at checkout. Our favorite flavors are Parmesan & Pepper and Hatch Chile, but we suggest you give them all a try because each is unique and delicious. Get a seed sample pack here. Don’t forget to use “BTPOD” to save and support the show.

seed sack partnership

Do you need somewhere to keep your Chinook sunflower seeds? Grab a sack. A Seed Sack, that is. We’re proud to partner with Seed Sack as the official sack to hold your sunflower seeds. Head on over to or click the banner, then use code “BASEBALL2GETHER” at checkout to save 5% off your order. They have canvas, leather, and personalized options that work great for birthdays, holidays, and end-of-season gifts for your coaches and team.

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